Thank You Quarter Note Magazine

Excellent new resource that celebrates drum culture, people, lifestyle, design and products. Go check out their IG @quarternotemagazine when you have a moment. Honored to be included... "José is an innovator, composer, author, pioneer and founder of one of our favourite drum stores on the planet - REVIVAL DRUM SHOP. He's an inspiration, so go... Continue Reading →


Amazing time hosting "DRUMMERS DEN" series at REVIVAL. Thank you to everyone who made it such a success. It was a privilege to speak with these amazing creatives and I'm forever grateful...HUNT SALES, DAVE ELITCH, JOHN MCENTIRE, JANET WEISS, TUCKER MARTINE, GREGG HALE, CHRIS FUNK, TIM ENNIS, LAURA VEIRS, PAOLA MORTACELLA.  


Thank you Nick for the support and I'm humbled that my episode resonated with so many drummers. It was a privilege to be on The Drummers Resource and it's an honor to be in such great company.  

Current Reads

It's always fun looking at and sharing reading lists. Here are a few of my current reads. "THE BOOK OF DISQUIET" by PESSOA "PURE ACT" by McGREGOR "CONSIDER THIS" by PALAHNIUK "THE ABUNDANCE OF LESS" by COUTURIER

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