A/VEC 2: A Live Experience of Music + Picture

For our second installment of the A/VEC series, we recruited filmmaker, Zak Davis of Juliet Zulu, and Marmoset band, 1939 Ensemble. Once both parties were selected, Davis was given one month to create and produce a short film, which was then discreetly delivered (via Marmoset) to 1939 Ensemble, who then had 10 days to write, arrange and
produce a complete live soundtrack.

Each step of the process challenging the participants to push creative boundaries and think beyond what is expected — empowering both parties to throw comfort and control to the wind. The result? A one-time, intimate performance all happening live in front of an audience of friends, family and the greater creative community at Marmoset’s studios.

A/VEC 2 | A Live Experiment of Music + Picture from marmoset on Vimeo.

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