Radio Cade Podcast Episode 1

Honor to be Michael’s first guest! He’s great and I love his mission. Here’s what he had to say….

José Medeles is the owner of Portland’s world-famous Revival Drum Shop and I’m proud to say he’s my first-ever podcast guest.

Full of real-world wisdom — much of it earned by playing with a long list of rock-music badasses– José can riff on Marcus Aurelius as ably as he can discuss playing drums with Joey Ramone. He’s enormously dedicated to his craft and his business, but he’s also a family man and he’s fiercely loyal to the people who’ve helped him along the way.

José and I talked about drums and rock ‘n’ roll, but also about gratitude and authenticity, and how conflict and debate can indicate that people care, dammit.

I only recently met José, but he’s already one of my favorite people in Portland. If you listen to his many thoughtful answers in our conversation, you’ll know why.

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