1939 ENSEMBLE “NEW CINEMA” now available

Thank you to all for the love and support!

Super excited to announce the release of “NEW CINEMA”. Honored to have worked with Sam Coomes, DJ Logic, Raymond Richards, John McEntire, Lauren Vidal, Erin Callenberger and John Golden. The result is our finest yet.

It is common, when describing an album, to reference the stylings of similar groups, thereby assuring the purchaser of a compatible listening experience. And yet, such a common task arrives at truly uncommon results when attempting to define and compare the multi-dimensional experience of 1939 Ensemble’s fourth release, “NEW CINEMA”.

If experiencing “NEW CINEMA” casually, the listener might catch moments of rhythmic guitar-and-hi-hat symbiosis akin to Battles, reverberating trumpet calls harkening to Miles Davis, effects-heavy swells that could have graced Jaga Jazzist’s mighty “Livingroom Hush” or head-turning beat drops as deep as Amon Tobin’s “Supermodified”. But “NEW CINEMA” refuses to be shoehorned within a Venn Diagram of genres and artists any more than the unique stablemates with whom we often compare 1939 Ensemble’s exceptional sound.

“NEW CINEMA” respectfully nods in the direction of its forebearers, but does not pay tribute; charting a course not taken, it is music adventurously played for the unbridled enjoyment of performance and collaboration, undertaken with a set of instruments and sounds that bravely challenges the listener’s preconceived notions of the tired genre status-quo. 1939 Ensemble’s José Medeles and David Coniglio once again call upon the fundamentals of heart-pounding drum beats beneath a palette of smoky vibraphone to craft what has become their defiant signature sound, but push the limit still further with a fervor that the founding duo of 1939 Ensemble seem to relish. This release acts as a true coming-of-age story for the group, solidifying the incomparable talents of trumpeter Josh Thomas and guitarist Knate Carter as the band arrives fully at the musical tale these four were destined to tell, together.

Joining the collaboration are DJ Logic, who’s turntables tear through the hard-hitting opening track “No Chaser”, and Sam Coomes (Quasi) who lends his talents to raw garage band banger “Wick”. Track after track, every song hits with the rare quality of a live performance that happened to be recorded in studio quality- a wide, open field of sound, alive with elements sometimes hidden on the first listen, little tonal dimensions waiting to be discovered play after play. It is an experience that rewards the careful listener while still providing unabashed fun for the casual toe-tapper.

And in between the rhythmical tenacity comes moments of quiet maturity, thoughtful offerings like closing track “Drill”; serene trumpet runs phasing in and out of ethereal analogue soundscapes so deep and familiar that you can almost imagine yourself on a neon-lit rooftop, in the rain, at the conclusion of a sci-fi epic not yet written. 1939 Ensemble is there with you as well- not simply to perform for you, but to collaborate with you, and to celebrate the stories woven with their sounds and your imagination in the theatre of “NEW CINEMA”.

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