Revival Drum Shop Celebrates 10 Years!

For ten years, we’ve been honored to help change the collective mind of the performing drummer- to help remind them that their instrument is something more than a device of rhythmical accompaniment, relegated to the back of the music store and the back of the stage.

And in celebrating the drummer, we’ve found our calling, celebrating the history of the drum itself and the nuances that make our instrument the most colorful ever created. Thank you for standing by us as we’ve grown, and thank you for continuing to support the rich story of the drum as we carry our art into the 21st century.

To mark the momentous occasion of 10 years in business, your friends at Revival Drum Shop invite you to join us at 6pm on Sunday, February 17th at Mississippi Studios for a celebration of our anniversary and our amazing drumming family. Free admission. Legends Mark Guiliana, Matt Chamberlain, Adam Morford, John Niekrasz and Tim Baltes will be performing and another special guest. Our friends at Ludwig Drums, Tackle Instrument, A &F Drum Co, Morfbeats Percussion, Istanbul Agop Cymbals, Cymbal & Gong, Roots EQ, Bryne Cymbals, Lowboy Beaters, C&C Drum Co., Upcycle Percussion, Keplinger, LA Backbeat have donated some amazing gear to raffle!

We’re blessed to know you all. Thanks for 10 years of love and support…see you at the party!

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