Afternoon at HALFLING Recording Studios

Had a great experience recording at the multi-use, artist space HALFLING Studios. Huge thanks to Adam Lee (engineer) and Chris Funk (Decemberists) for hosting. The space was created by music, art lover and visionary Sandy Bodecker.  Bodecker started with Nike 35 years ago as a footwear wear-test coordinator and eventually went on to lead Nike’s first... Continue Reading →

“The Stoic Drummer” Book Release

Excited to announce the upcoming release of my first book "THE STOIC DRUMMER'. Written this past summer, it combines my study of the Stoicism philosophy and drumming. Two things that are so important in my life. Honor to have had the foreword written by one of my favorite humans and drummers Billy Martin (Medeski, Martin... Continue Reading →


Available Now at Since its inception, the music of Portland, Oregon’s 1939 Ensemble has always explored the relationship between rhythm and melody. On the quartet’s new EP Beats & Saints, that connection — between pulse and phrase — is turned inside out. The record finds multi-instrumentalists José Medeles, David Coniglio, Josh Thomas, and Knate... Continue Reading →

OPB: State of Wonder: 1939 Ensemble

The Dark, Lovely Sounds of the 1939 Ensemble Portland-based 1939 Ensemble is not just a jazz group. Their atypical beats slowly build momentum, creating an ominous wave of sound that is both unsettling and delightful, sounding like a bunch of jazz musicians were tasked to write a post-rock soundtrack for an edgy cop show. With... Continue Reading →

Radio Cade Podcast Episode 1

Honor to be Michael's first guest! He's great and I love his mission. Here's what he had to say.... José Medeles is the owner of Portland's world-famous Revival Drum Shop and I'm proud to say he's my first-ever podcast guest. Full of real-world wisdom -- much of it earned by playing with a long list... Continue Reading →

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