Solo Set 3/27

This Wednesday my next solo adventure will be at the Ace Hotel, downtown Portland. Honored to be playing with sound alchemist Jonathon Sielaff of Golden Retriever. Free, early and all ages. 6pm is lift off.  

Creative Tea Time

Inspiring meeting/tea with music loving innovator, legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, drumming titan Mark Guilana and artist, drummer, designer Micah Kassell. We riffed on the creative process, music, footwear, drumming and what helps keep us going. Thank you Micah Kassell for facilitating this EPIC hang!

Revival Drum Shop Celebrates 10 Years!

For ten years, we’ve been honored to help change the collective mind of the performing drummer- to help remind them that their instrument is something more than a device of rhythmical accompaniment, relegated to the back of the music store and the back of the stage. And in celebrating the drummer, we’ve found our calling,... Continue Reading →

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