R.I.P Steve Soto

Steve Soto was a friend, bandmate and in a sense a mentor. He was the person that helped kick start my professional drumming career. Steve recommended me for a fill in spot for 22 Jacks. Middle of that tour they asked me to join. My life was different from that moment on. I first met... Continue Reading →

THE STOIC DRUMMER is now back in stock

Happy to announce that THE STOIC DRUMMER book is back in stock. As a thank you for everyone'a patience you'll be receiving a token of appreciation. A print of a hand drawn piece by one of my favorite drummers and artist Johnny Herndon. Thank you for the continued support! Much love and respect. Available at REVIVAL DRUM... Continue Reading →


I had such a great time catching up with friends and seeing incredible drums, cymbals and so much more. Carter McLean put on an excellent clinic and caught up with the amazing Bun E. Carlos. Looking forward to next year!

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